Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review...

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine is Beautiful. It is full of Tragedy, Loss, forgiveness, and love. Chelsea takes us into the World of Pixie (AKA Sarah) and Levi two people torn apart by a Tragedy.

Pixie and Leaves have known each other since they were 6 (pix) and 7 (leaves) years old. They were inseparable he was basically her hero from the start. But one tragic night changed their lives forever. Pix and Leaves are no more. Pix decides to go home to her aunts inn for the summer and she finds out she is now living next door and sharing a bathroom with none other than the man she thought to be her hero..... Leaves

I will admit the first 30 percent of this book bugged me, it drug on and it kept talking about this tragic event but wouldn't even give a hint of what it was. GRRRRRR.. But after that 30 percent I could not put the book down and my emotions were put through something I haven't yet felt in the fictional world. I sympathize for both characters. I cried, oh my did I cry my eyes out. I screamed at Levi COUNTLESS times. My emotions were on this roller coaster ride. It felt utterly amazing to have a book make me feel so much.

This book is told in Duel POV and I love that. We get to see Pixie and Levis' take on everything. We get to see both of their emotions and get both sides of their story. I think it definitely enhances the book. I feel that if it wasn't told in Duel POV the emotions wouldn't have been as raw so thank you Chelsea Fine for giving me both views!

If you enjoy NA romances and you want two REAL characters who actually have to fight for their HEA then I recommend this book. Shoot even if you haven't tried the NA genre this book will be for you :)