Such Sweet Sorrow - Jenny Trout
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Such Sweet Sorrow is a Retelling of Shakespeare's Rome and Juliet and Hamlet.
I'm really into retellings right now so when this book went on Netgalley I knew I had to get my hands on it. I'll admit I had high expectations.
Unfortunately some of those expectations were not met :(
To my shame I have to say I am not very familiar with The story of Romeo and Juliet nor Hamlet. I know Romeo and Juliet married young against their families wishes. Something about a forbidden love. They wanted to be together so bad these teens made the irrational decision to kill themselves. A lovely beautiful tragedy if there is such a thing, correct? But  what would have happened had Romeo not died? That is exactly what happens in Such Sweet Sorrow. Romeo and Juliet both drank the poison, but poor Romeo had lived.
In this novel we get to explore the Journey of Romeo's quest to bring his Juliet back from the underworld. Its super sweet how this man will go through the depths of hell for his true love. Nothing gets in his way!
Now hamlet, I really know nothing of hamlet besides that Mel Gibson had played him in a movie. So sad I know :( That being said I am now determined to read up on some Shakespeare
We learn Hamlet can see and speak to the dead. Is he a madman or totally legit? Hamlets father comes from the dead to let Hamlet know he was not poisoned but actually murdered. But can Hamlet trust a Ghost? Much less a ghost who wants Hamlet to act out his Revenge? 
Now I ask you again, mad man or legit?!?!
Romeo must decide for himself if he can trust Hamlet or not, I mean this is the guy he has to go to the Underworld with to save his Juliet. What choice does he have right?
This book has a lot of promise. The only thing it lacked was passion. I didn't really feel for romeo. I didn't feel his hurt or pain. If I was in this book, I wouldn't have believed he was as distraught as the author tried to portray. Yes he would do everything for his Juliet, but they were all actions to me. There wasn't feeling behind it. That is my only dislike when it comes to this book.
I love the characters you have Hamlet who is arrogant with a boyish charm. Then you have Romeo who is harder and seems like hes been through more than your average 18yr old. He has a lot of  bite to him. 
I like the flow of the book, I read it in one sitting. I definitely will be checking out more from this author! And will await anxiously for book 2