One Realm Beyond - Donita K. Paul
4.5 Stars

One Realm Beyond is not the normal kind of book I read. I have never been one to read Fantasy. I haven't even read Throne of Glass, which has been on my TBR pile forever. The cover of this novel is what made me want to request this book. I think that is just a BEAUTIFUL cover.

I have been putting One Realm Beyond off for a while now. It's hard to read a book when your going in with "it's fantasy I'm not going to like it" So one day I pulled my big girl pants on and decided to open this book up..

WOW, Why Hadn't I done this sooner???? This book is so fun and action packed I didn't even have time to wrap my head around everything going on! I am so picky when it comes to world building and character development, but Donita K. Paul nailed it all!

So we have two Realms, in these realms we have people who can realm jump. Not everyone is a realm jumper let me just get that out there. Well they realm jump for the greater good (helping people out etc). Cantor has been studying his WHOLE life to be a realm walker. When he is finally done and passes everything he is sent off to find his Dragon.

OMG Bridger.... This Dragon here. Guys this dragon is unlike any creature you will have ever read about. I swear if I could have a pet dragon it would be Bridger. This Dragon (Yes seriously A Dragon) almost had me pee my pants from all the laughing I was doing. I loved it!

This book like I said before is unlike anything I have read. If you are into High Fantasy or want to check some fantasy out, I highly recommend it