Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins
Ok, so I am more of a newbie when it comes to YA compared to most people. I say this because I haven't even been reading YA for a full year yet. I used to read nothing but Adult contemp romances. I loved that they were steamy without all the New Adult graphics (come on everyone knows what I'm talkin' about with all that NA craziness). Any who, I was never into YA contemporary novels. I don't exactly know why since I read a lot of paranormal/dystopian/fantasy YA romance novels. My point is lately I have been on a YA contemporary kick and I am really enjoying it.

I recently read Anna and the French Kiss (I know, why have I waited so long?!?!) and I REALLY liked it, probably my favorite book this month!

So a bit about this wonderful little book!
Anna is sent away to go to school in Paris by her father who is this big time author whom walked out on the family when he made it big. Going to Paris sounds like a dream come true to me, but for Anna it is the end of the world. She has to leave her best friend, her family, the cute boy who has finally showed interest in her, and the worst part is she gets NO say in the matter. The decision was made for her by her dad. Blah. So she meets Mer her next door neighbor in the dorms who introduces Anna to her group of friends and from there we get to see all sorts of relationships form!

This book is a much slower paced book than I am used to, but still incredibly enjoyable. The slow pace works. It helps with the buildup of friendships, relationships, & getting the whole cultural experience through Anna's perspective.

Characters: There are way too many to name that I liked and disliked (which with the characters you dislike you are supposed to, so it's not like I just disliked this person because they weren't developed correctly, I dislike them because they were developed correctly, if that makes sense!) This isn't an insta-love in the sense of normal insta-loves. The relationship actually takes time to build and neither characters are professing their love on page 10 of chapter 2 :) but there is an instant attraction which is definitely normal in the real world.

All in all I really like this book it comes highly recommended from me. For all you guys and gals looking for a fun beach/pool read, this is the book I would take. I will be re-reading this on my next trip to Oklahoma. I can see myself sitting in my car for 5 hours with my feet propped up on the dash and listening to music reading this!