Second Star - Alyssa B. Sheinmel
Second Star is a VERY different spin of the classic Peter Pan. I say very different because it has very few similarities to the Actual Peter Pan story. So if you are looking for a Young Adult retelling of Peter Pan that has tons of similarities, this book is not it.

Wendy Darling is a 17 year old high-school graduate who is on the search for her missing twin brothers who are surfers. Because surfing is so dangerous and the twins were big risk takers when it came to being on the water, a lot of people including Wendy's parents have given up hope on finding the boys. Wendy's search brings her to this Surfers cove which is basically impossible to find if your not already familiar with it. Wendy happened to Follow Pete whom she met earlier in this book and followed him to the cove. She discovers the people who live at this cove are all younger kids who LOVE surfing. We have an insta-attraction between Wendy and Pete, but there is a twist when her search also leads her towards Pete's Enemy Jas who Pete claims is this big time Drug Dealer.

Second Star moves a little too slow for me, then at times it picked up and when it did, it all seemed rushed. But then it would slow down and drag again. I really like the concept of this book and I really like the Authors writing style, I'm just not a fan of the execution of it all.

Wendy's parents REALLY pissed me off. I can't explain how upset I
was with them throughout the book. I almost wished she was a character in one of those typical YA books that just never has parents or they aren't spoken of. I understand they lost two kids, As a parent I couldn't imagine that loss. The thing that upset me is they shut themselves down. Wendy is a 17 yr old girl who at times didn't get home till 5am and they had no idea she was even gone. They should treasure the fact that they still have a child instead they just kind of forget they still have one living child. It irks me.

While I didn't like the execution I still somewhat enjoyed this book. Would I recommend it to you as a Peter Pan Retelling, No. Would I recommend it as a cute and quick kind of beach read? Most definitely. I liked that it was able to use some things from the classic tale, but still had its own story and twists.

I recieved this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review