When Summer Comes - Brenda Novak
I love Callies story. I laughed, cried, smiled, got angry. Thats ky favorite kind of book. I love a book that brings out all my emotions. I feel that things didnt progres fast enough in the beginning and I dont think enough of Levi was really talked about, BUT I know they had to also tell Callies story and bring in other characters. so I understand the book couldnt gone on forever although I wish it did :)
I cant wait for more whiskey creek novels. I cant wait to see what happens wity baxter. how phenoix getting out will affect riley. what will happen when dylans dad is released. most of all I cant wait for eves story and things to unravel wity sophia. I love sophia so much evem though she hasnt played a big role yet. I just want to take her under my wing.
but all thats off subject. this has to be my favorite whiskey creek novel yet :)