Only Yours - Susan Mallery
First lemme say I loved this book.
I love Montana how happy and funny she is. I like that we got to see deeper and see she has been hurt and is a bit self conscious.
I like Simon. I like that hes an egotistical douche somtimes. I think they balance eachother out.

What I DIDN'T like was the ending.
ugh the book was so good. I was not expecting that ending. It was like SM ran out of things to add in the ending and watched a really BAD soap opera and got the ending from that.

like I said great book all the way up to that terrible ending. I literally laughed as I read it. Not the good kind of laugh. A "Are you freakin kidding me" kinda laugh.

with that said Im ready for Neveda's story and to learn more about Denise and Max