Only His - Susan Mallery
This book is about Nevada Hendrix! Ive been waiting a while to read it :)

I liked this book I did. but I didnt feel a very strong connection to Nevada. Her love story didnt get me like Montana's or Dakotas. I dont know why. She was likeable, I guess she didnt seem to have much personality in the book.

I loved getting to know Annabelle, Heidi, and Charlie. I cant wait to read their stories!

The biggest disappointment was Jo and Will. Oh, dont get me wrong ive been wondering when Jo was gunna get her book. but thats the thing. I feel I wanted to get to know Jo. shes a big part of the town and girls night. Why did she decide to buy the bar? Why did she do what she did. I had so many questions. I wanted Jo to have her very own story. still it was ok. im glad she found someone. I just wish for a little more depth.

All in all, it was a good read. not my fave but it was still good.