Sage Creek - Jill Gregory
4.75 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

After her marriage falls apart, Sophie Mcphee returns home to the good luck ranch. starts a bakery. unexpectedly falls for Rafe Tanner and his young daughter Ivy.

I Loveeeeeee this book. I really do. It was a light simple quick read. had some romances. introduced us to a sweey small town. Even had a little mischief.

I smiled many times through this book. I felt giddy. The only problem is the book kinda I dunno hurried.
We were introduced to everyone. Then Sophie and Rafe started dating. Then add drama. Tyen hero to the rescue.
They exchange I love you's than boom. I would of liked more from the characters a little depth. I cant explain.
I still loved this book though.

I love Ivy such a sweet awkward little girl (arent we all at that age)
Sophies wonderfully pushy gran was a breathe of fresh air. Her mother was sweet snd always had her back.
Her friends were wonderful. Made me wish I had grown up in a small town.

I cannot wait for the next book :)