Dreamland - Sarah Dessen
Hmmm, Dreamland.
I don't know how I feel about this book exactly. I didnt hate it. I didnt love it. It was just ok. I think the story line is halfway good. I didnt like ANY of the characters. I didnt like how her behavior didnt seem weird to anyone. I mean she had all the classic signs. SOMEONE should of realized something was wrong. Seriously how long did it take the cheerleaders to kick her off the squad? They didnt even try to figure out wht was wrong. And I wouldnt exactly say she had a drug problem which was mentioned somewhere in this book.

I would of liked the author to go more in depth after Caitlin got out of the hospital. I think the biggest thing for me is the book lacked emotion. I didnt feel emotion from Caitlin.

reading it for me it was like
"Ya, my boyfriend hit me today. But then he got me a chocolate shake. We didnt talk about it. Everything seems fine."

Thats literally how I felt reading the book.