Summer Days - Susan Mallery
Summer Days,

I was not impressed with this story which upsets me because I love heidi. She reminds me a lot of my own sister. Her personality and all.

I didnt like that her uncle swindled money from someone especially 250,000 with no consequences. seriously thats not realistic. Then to have Heidi fraud the sweet little town she loves so much. I didnt like that either. In reality that could have landed her In jail and cause her problems with her business.
I do understand it was showing people do stupid things when in love and confused.

I did like the characters, I adore rafe. I just cant get passed the story line. I also feel Susan Mallerys books are becoming repetitive. it like reading the same book over and over with different characters.
I actually have to break the books up when I read them I read the first three then read a few novels then went back to the next three after a month and so on. its just hard reading the same novel over and over. with that said I do love the town and the people.