A Fool's Gold Christmas - Susan Mallery
A fools Gold Christmas (book 9.5)
Susan Mallery

2 1/2 stars

I am usually a HUGE fan of fools gold. I go out and buy the books as soon as they come out since discovering this series.

With that said, I wish I had just started patience and justice's book. This one just didnt do it for me.

Evie was enstranged from her whole family for most of her life yet it took her very little time to trust them. Dont get me wrong I love that she decidee to be with her family, but it would take me a while a long while to accept them back.

I didnt like the hero Dante. Just something about him bugged me. He was not very likeable in my eyes.

I did like reading about the town I always enjoy hearing aboit the older characters :)

I wouldnt recommend this book, id say just go on to Just One Kiss.