Coming Home - Mariah Stewart
Mariah Stewart
Coming home

Oh my my my, let me tell you I am so glad Julie from my local bookstore recommended this series. I am hooked :)

Vanessa gosh I just love her. Whats not to love about her? I didnt like the last few pages in the book lol, I thought for the first time she was a little whiney but I also understand shes not used to hiking :)

I love how in this romance novel no one threw the word I love you around after a only 10 days. I love that when he came back he didnt profess his love all cheesy like, and believe me I expected it. I enjoyed the closeness and the family touch.
I liked the little bit of mystery.

There isnt much I disliked about this book. I even like maggie though she does remind me a lot of my own mom.

I would def recommend this book