Wind Chime Point - Sherryl Woods
Wind Chime Point
Sherryl Woods

I love this series because of Cora Jane and the sweet small town :)
I have to admit so far I likes the first story better, but I like the characters in the second story better.

Pros: I love what theyre doing for Jimmy in this book.
I like that Gabi is making friends in her community.
I love wade and his persistence.
I like that Sam is trying to have a relationship with his daughters.

Cons: I dont like wades backstory with Kayla. it makes him seem kinda creepy with the whole marrying women while theyre preggo. I just would have written it out differently. I understand he had a little thing for Gabi in book one, but for him to be all googly for her when she walks in even with a baby bump, its just kinda weird.

I felt their story drug on, but I kinda liked watching it develop in a way but sometimes I got bored

Now I would still recommend this book and I def. cant wait to read Samanthas story with Ethan :)

I love this town and I am hoping this keeps going on with Meg and Sally as well and not just a trilogy.