The Last Alibi - David Ellis
The last Alibi
David Ellis

I have to admit this is only my second thriller to read. My first kinda kept me away from the genre. I actually won this book it is a GoodReads First Read!

Jason, man I really wish I had started at the beginning of the series. It isnt necessary but I really like him and it seems like in past books he has gone through a lot.
This book goes between Shauna and Jason. I think the author did well of giving each character their own voice. I also enjoy that I didnt feel lost coming in to the middle of a series.

Enough with Technicality.
So I met this James Dinker character right off the bat I didnt like him and thought something was up. You share that feeling with Jason the author does real good with making me the reader feel what Jason does.
Anyways, as it goes on you realize this guy isnt who he says he is ( He comes in claiming hes being framed for murder)
From there on you are on a goosechase. Throw in a bit of romance with Alexa and some more murders a drug problem and someone who secretly loves another person and you have an excellent novel here.

I couldnt put the book down and I cant wait to go back and start at the beginning of the series