Dearly, Departed - Lia Habel
Dearly Departed.
hmmm. I couldnt even finish this book. I read 3 chapters and just couldnt go any further.

1. This book is WAY out of my norm. I dont like scifi. I dont even watch Scifi movies. But I had liked twilight so I figured maybe I would try another scifi and this one was recommended.

2. I dont understand this 'steampunk' and I dont like it. it frustrated me ( please dont be offended if you do. This is just my opinion.) I dont like how their in 2195 yet the world has degressed from technology YET they have flat screens in their carriages. I dont like it.

3. It is wayyyy tooooo slow start for me. I was bored and conplaining to my husband by page 10.

4. I didnt like the manner they spoke. Sometimes it was very proper and victorian like others it wasnt like that at all.

Like I said this book is outside my norm. So someone else who reads scifi and zombies might like this book. Dont go on my opinion alone