Sea Glass Island (Ocean Breeze) - Sherryl Woods
Sea Glass island
Sherryl Woods
☆★☆ 1/2
I liked this book so Much I started at about 10pm and finished it all tonight at 5am
I LOVE Samantha and Ethans story. ai hate that Ethan wasted so much time resisting their relationship. That got on my nerves. I dont like the highschool drama teacher I think she should be fired. And I did NOT like how they threw 3 weddings in this once book. It all seemed so rushed.

I like Cass. Im so happy for Cora Jane and Jerry. Sam even has a little romance of his own...

Im hoping she will continue the series with Tommy and Meg, hopefully :)

Good book I def. recommend it. Again only con was how damn stubborn Ethan was