Blackberry Summer - RaeAnne Thayne
Blackberry Summer
RaeAnne Thayne

My heart is in my throat. I literaly just finished this book 30 seconds ago.

I discovered this book on FB one of the authors I follow had advertised about her newest Hope Crossing novel was coming out and all So of course I went out and bought book one. I cant remember the author but gosh I want to hug her.

This book drew me in from tue very beginning. Claire just seems to have everything going wrong uet she can still find the good in every situation or person.
I actually wanted to be in this town while reading it. I have never felt so much for a book or the characters. The author just charged this book with care and togetherness. Something were def missing now a days. Then theres the mystery of the hope angel
I have my thoughts that its harry lange but thats my personal opinion..

I love Riley and all the odds he is up against. but he is willing to stick it through for claire.
There is a bit of tragedy but evem though its horroble and sad its what weaves this book together.

I recommend this book. I am soooo glad I gave it a go!