Shelter Mountain - Robyn Carr
Shelter Moutain
Robyn Carr

This is the story of Preacher (John) and Paige. It is a pretty emotional story I cried a few times. In this novel we also have a side story with Rick and Liz and we get more of Jack and Mel!

My favorite thing about Robyn Carr is she takes real life scary issues (drugs, abuse, murder,war, just to name some) ans brings them to light in these novels. so you get real men and women going through real everday issues and still manage to have a good romance in it all :)

This particular novel is about a woman who was severly abused by her husband. She goes on the run with her child, took a wrong turn and ended up in Virgin River with preacher as her guardian angel.

I love the hero and heroine. Both were so humble and so sweet. Gosh Preacher is just every womans dream. I loved him. He was caring and very sensitive. he brought tears to my eyes with his tenderness.

In thos novel we see other issues such as loss (not giving to much away) and I think Carr made this work not too many people have the balls to kill off someone in their book.
There was the issue with Paiges husband and his addiction to Meth.
We also see a little bullying in Paiges family.
And you have a teen pregnancy
I enjoyed reading thos novel and bringing awareness to these everyday issues while still having a happy ending.

I will continue this series through. I have already grown to love the town.