Home to Whiskey Creek - Brenda Novak
Home To Whiskey Creek
Brenda Novak

Let me start of by saying WOW! I have no words to explain how emotionally charged this book is.

I dont want to include spoilers and im trying very hard not to.

We have Addy who has come home after 15yrs and she is stuck in a mine. Noah (the gorgeous pro biker) had heard her and came to her rescue!

Addy is very standoffish towards him and we dont found out till a little bit later that his twin brother was involved with a few other guys in a crime against Addy.

Then in this novel we have baxter who if you have read the previous books you know hes struggling with the secret that he is gay and in love with his BFF. We get a little into that here.

I felt so much throughout this book. At times it pissed me off that Noah didnt catch on sooner but eh the suspense had built.

The only con I see on this novel and it isnt even a big one os that everything unfolded at the very end and it felt like it was all just wrapped up so quickly.
But I dont mind because as far as im concerned It was an excellent solid romance novel with a bit of mystery to it! Brenda Novak def. tackled some tough topics in this novel, and I like that she was bold enough to do it, not many people tackle these kind of issues.

Oh my I def. recommend this novel. Like I said its emotionally charged and deals with some pretty tough topics