Whispering Rock - Robyn Carr
Whispering Rock
Robyn Carr

This book was AMAZING. I dont have book number 4, so I read this one slow so I didnt have to leave Virgin River too soon.

This book was also a little heavy. like usual Carr hits a big issue. I like that she can tie in some vig crisis and still make it light and romantic. Even with the heaviness of the book, it left me feeling all warm and giddy at the end.

In this story we have Jack Sheridans little sister Brie. In less than a yr she was left by her husband for her best friend, and theb tragedy struck when Brie wad raped. She had a big case on a serial rapist who was found not guilty. after that verdict he found brie and raped and beat her.
it was pretty tough to read.

Mike and brie form a friendship I guess more of a bond since both were victims of violent crime. we get to watch as Mike helps Brie grow.

There are some otuer tragedies (dont want to give them away) some babies born and a good little drug bust.

This is a good solid romance. I was left completely satisfied!