The Comforts of Home - Jodi Thomas
The Comforts of Home (harmony #3)
Jodi Thomas

Let me start out with, this book just has tooooo much going on! I was so dissapointed. We jumped through characters and their relationships so much I couldnt connect with anyone. This book seemed so hurried.

We have Ronny and Marty

Tyler and Kate
Then Tyler bringing in this girl Autumn
Noah and Rea
Denver and Claire
Then you have a rocky relationship between Ronny and her mom your keeping up with as well.

It was just toooooo much for one novel tht was only 328 pages.

I honestly cant remember a single line from the book much less each characters story because as soon as I was a few pages in with that character getting the story it jumped to the next relationship.
I think Denver and Claire should have had their own book, because their little relationship and only getting his side of it bugged me and made me dislike Claire A lot.

The ending with ronny and Marty pissed me off. but I am proud of Ronny.

Kate, I again think tyler and kate needed their own story. its all a mystery to me still. The book never explained what her deal was. There are just too many loose ends for me. I was left completely unsatisfied.

I only recommend this book because it is part of the series and I always like to be kept update on characters so im not lost in the next book.