Big Sky Country - Linda Lael Miller
Big sky Country
Linda Lael Miller
★☆★ 1/2

Ok. I put off the review for a few hours because I dont know exactly how I feel about this book. It wasnt bad hence the 3 1/2 stars. But lets see I was kinda left unsatisfied at the end.

Pros: I love The characters and the introduction to this sweet Montana Town. All characters are likeable and the ones that are meant not to be likeable are well disliked :)

Now for my issues with the book. Joslyn had a reason to moving back to Parable. we never saw that reason fullfilled. I never got to see if the town actually accepted her. Slade wanted to know her reason for coming back yet he never found out. Their relationship development was SO slow. We never got to really so who Slade Barlow really was. The ending was all so rushed to me. Kendra left us with tons of questions which I hope are answered in the next book.

Now once I started the book I didnt want to put it down. My biggest complaint is things didnt start heating up till page 245 and after that they kinda didnt steam up much more till the end. I liked how they both seemed nervous around eachother and that they knew there was an attraction. it was fun to watch those nervous scenes.

I do recommend this book, inless you want a book full of good romance and less dialogue.