Take Me Home for Christmas - Brenda Novak
Take Me Home For Christmas
Brenda Novak

OMG! Just when you thought this series couldn't get any better, Brenda Novak Throws the Rod and Hooks you with this installment.

I LOVE it. Its kinda like A romantic whiskey creek version of Ebenezer Scrooge and I Adore it. Of course Ted is The Scrooge towards Sophia. in this novel he has to reflect on the past present and future that all involves her. At the beginning of the series we Learn how Sophia broke off their relationship and married Skip. He was very angry and resentful towards her (who wouldnt be) and he didnt let up even 14yrs later. Well she went through the Major Crisis with what Skip did (cant give away too much) and he helped her ecen though he didnt want to. He learned of what her marriage was really like and saw how his resement and anger and non acceptance REALLY affected her. (I wont go into too much detail I def dont want to give too much away)

The one con in the book is Sophia NEVER explained to Ted why she left him for Skip and he never pressured for an answer. I kniw he asked once. I would have liked to know more of what drove her to him.

My favorite part about this book was the Build up in this novel. I like how the story was intense you got to really sympathize with Sophia. Novak didnt rush her into anything and didnt make her seem so needy. There was just a great balance in this book. I know im being super vague but I dont want to give up any spoilers!

All I can say is Brenda Novak you REALLY out did yourself I have to say of all the novels this one is my favorite! I def recommend :)

cant wait for Aaron and Preselys story