Through the Smoke - Brenda Novak
Through The Smoke
Brenda Novak

I received this as an ARC
I LOVE Brenda Novaks contemp series Whiskey Creek. That is all I have ever read from her so when I got the oppurtunity to try something diff I jumped on it! I am sure glad I did :)

Im not usually big on Historicals but oh I loved this one. Filled with Romance, suspense, deceit, and the Gothic period! I love it all

Rachel has all the reason in the world to not like or trust Truman Stanhop The Duke Of Eldridge. But when hr comes to her for help (about his wife who died in a fire) he gives her a deal that is hard to turn down. But as she learns who he really is she starts opening up and wants to
help him.

Truman who had learned his wife was bearing a child (whom he knew wasnt his child) was angry to get her letter. He went to talk to her (the book then moves ahead a few years) but we learn that Truman's wife Katherine was killed in a fire in Blackmoor hall. He cant remember what happened that night and he is haunted by dreams, but he does know his cousin had saved him.
to find out more of what happened thats when he seeks out Rachel.

It was a little slow paced for me, but at the same time it help build the whole story. I enjoyed this novel very much and I highly recommend it! especially if you enjoy historicals