Lucky in Love - Jill Shalvis
Lucky In Love
Jill shalvis

Jill Shalvis, you are going to put me in Cardiac arrest at 25! These men in Lucky Harbor are ****fanning myself*** are drool worthy and the scenes are even hotter!

We have Mallory the goody good nurse who has a mission of opening up her Clinic. Shes always been a good girl who followed all the rules and lived to make everyone else happy.

Ty Garrison is the Mysterious hottie in town. Nobody knows too much about him. which makes him all that more sexier. One night he has a little accident mallory is there to help him along with her little posse (Grace and Amy) and somehow ends up agreeing to be her date for a charity auction.

Put Mallory (who wants to take a walk on the wild side) and Ty garrison together and the sparks and attraction is electrifying.

I didnt put this book down not at all. love it recommend it!