Angel's Rest - Emily March
Angel's Rest
Emily March

Gabe Callahan came to Eternity Springs after losing Everything that mattered. All he wants is to be left alone with no connections to the world.
Nic Sullivan is the town Vet in Eternity Springs and seems to be Gabes only weakness.

I liked this book I did. I can't put my finger on what I disliked about it. It was hard for me to ipen up form the beginning. I love the town and the people! Celeste is a doll and just so warming! I love the friendships and bonds.

I think there were a lot of things repeated. And some things drug out!

The thing That I LOVE about this novel is Nic didnt just let a guy walk all over her like a normal romance novel. she kept her pride and didnt let him use her like a doormat! so when you read this lookforward to meeting STRONG women! I also enjoyed the belief aspect in this book. I dont know how to explain. There was a lot of keeping faith, praying, blessings, and love. There was the right amount without making the book seem preachy I enjoyed it.

I have to admit near the end I felt a little unsatisfied though. I still cant put my finger on it.
I do recommend this book and will be continuing the series :)