At Last - Jill Shalvis
At Last
Jill shalvis

In this bovel we have Amy who was relatively new to Lucky Harbor. She is a 28 ur old server at the Eat Me Diner. She is your tough girl out of the chocoholics quipped woth a very rough past. At 16 she ended up leaving home and surving on her own. learning to trust know and not to let anyone in.
We start out with her on a Journey that her grandma had once gone on, and found peace. hope. and heart.

We have Matt Bowers an Ex Military / Ex swap, turned Lucky harbors Forest Ranger! also equipped with a rough past Ranger Hot Buns slowly loses his defenses to Tough Girl Amy.

We also meet Riley an 18 yr old runaway who Amy takes under her wing knowing all too well what its like to survive on your own. Shes a very likeable new character :)

You still have Lucielle and her crazy facebook ways! The chocoholics! and even a little mystery :)

Matt bowers Aka Ranger Hot Buns mmmm yummy! love itttt he is hott! especially with the whole rescuing the damsel in distress thing! Amy is very likeable and her story is very real. Made me want to cry for her! the chemistry between her and Matt was electrifying.

I also love how she swooped in for Riley. Had her back all the way :)

I love this book and def recommend! havent found a lucky harbor book that has left me unsatisfied yet