Woodrose Mountain (Hqn) - Raeanne Thayne
Woodrose Mountain
RaeAnne Thayne

This book is about herione Evie Blanchard who is fun with a bit of a free spirit. with a heartbreaking past
And Brad thorne who is Mr. Serious with a Wild past.

In the first novel Blackberry Summer (I think was the name) There was a tragic accident which involved Brads daughtrr Taryn, Layla who was killed, Charlie Beaumony who was the driver and a few other kids. Taryn has come home and now needs a therapist to help her.

We find out that Before Evie moved to Hopes Crossing she was a physical therapist. Katherine (brads mom and Taryns grandma) is the only one who knows about Evies past. She lets Brad kniw she was a therapist and is the best for Taryn.
After refusing more than once Evie decides to help Taryn for 2 weeks until they can find a suitable therapist and make a routine for her.

I liked this novel. I did but something was missing I just can't put my finger on it. I enjoyed learning of Evies past I liked getting to know more characters. watching taryn grow was great. I think there was lack of romance in this novel. it all happened so quickly.

I do recommend the novel although I wouldnt REALLY classify it as a romance it did have some romance but the best part was the story.