Exclusively Yours - Shannon Stacey
Exclusively yours
Shannon Stacey

I love love love this novel!
Keri Daniels is a Hotshot in California. she works for a paper called the spotlight.
Joe Kowalski is a famous thrill write/recluse.
Keri and Joe are ex highschool sweethearts. Keris boss gets wind that Keri and Joe were once lovers and sends her out to get an interview for Spotlight Magazine.
Joe not wanting to do the interview makes Keri an offer he expects her to refuse and to his suprise she accepts. She has to spend two weeks with the Kowalski clan and in return everyday she sticks it out she gets to ask one question.

This is a sweet buildup. I like the second time around happily ever after. I enjoy the family getting to know everyone. it was fun playful and hot!