16 Lighthouse Road - Debbie Macomber
16 lighthouse road
Debbie Macomber

I liked this book. I did. I didn't love this book, it didn't pull me in like other books have. I was told this was a romamce series. There is romance, but nothing steamy lol! Soaps are more steamy than this. It was drama/womems fiction which I don't mimd at all.

Charlotte (Judge olivias mom) is probably one of my fave chatacters. I'm not too fond of what I've seen of Jack (olivias current interest) Justine (olivias daughter) wasn't very likeable. I did like seth though. Grace was sweet and I felt very sorry for what she had to go through.
my biggest thing with this book I think is we met so many charachters to begin with there wasn't any connection. I can't even tell yoi which character was the main character in this book.

I did love Cecilia and Ians story. I real ly would have liked to get a more in depth look at the them. I feel they should have a book more about them. Their issues are real life issues people especially ones in the military face. I would have liked to see them actually work through it more. it all seemed to fast for me. one minute they hate eachother, then they can sorta stand eachother, then tragedy strikes and magically everythings ok. I didn't like that

it was a good book. Had a lot going on
I will continue this series, but I'm not in a hurry.