The Perfect Match - Kristan Higgins
The Perfect Match
Kristan Higgins

This story is about Middle sister Honor Holland (The plain, get in no trouble walk a straightline sister of Blue Heron)

Honor is 35yrs old and learns her eggs aren't getting any younger! what does she do??? Proposes to her childhood best friend whom turned into friends with benefits. Sound proof plan, right?!?!?! The unexpected happens and he compares her to an old baseball glove!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! So much for a sound proof plan.

Tom Barlow is a man who knows all about Love, pain, and betrayal. A lonely guy who seems to be a regular at O'Roukes and may or may not have a bit of a drinking problem AND a very Rebellious unofficial Stepson!

Throw in not being able to renew your Green card + Having aging eggs and no bachelors in the small town = a marriage of convenience and Marital Fraud!

This book is Funny, sexy, and will make you LOL! I swear my Husband must think I'm a nut! waking up @ 3am because I am laughing at something Tom Barlow said!

I did love this book, something about it had left me unsatisfied. Dana (Honors former bestfriend) left me angry and was VERY unlikeable. which I'm sure the author was going for but I just downright wanted to see her get screwed so terribly bad (She's literally that terrible)

I will def. recommend this book!!!!