The Happy Couple: How to Make Happiness a Habit One Little Loving Thing at a Time - Barton Goldsmith
The happy couple
Barton Goldsmith
received from netgalley

I like this book! I'm not usually into self help books. I am one of those people who knows they have issues but when other people say I do I totally deny it.

Anyways this book was on the shorter end but I liked that. it was straight and to the point.

A lot of the things this book mentioned in helping you build a bettwr relationship is common sense. The beauty of that is in our relationships we kinda forget that its the simple things that work. Communicating at dinner instead of watching tv or picking up fastfood on the way home because your family ate without you. Gratitude, remembering to be thankful of all the things we have. Being grateful for our partner even if they did nothing. In relationships we fall into routines and forget the simple things. This book reminds you of those things. Sometimes I slapped myself in the head thinking man these solutions are simple everyday things I can incorporate into my life and relationship.

So yes I would recommend this book to someone.