How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr
First let me say through out this book I had to wonder if I was reading the same book I read reviews about.

jill is a bitchy teen who lost her father. The closest person to her. trying to get through her last yr of H.S.

Mandy is a troubled girl who got preggo and decided that it would be best if she gave the baby up for adoption.

This book. hmmm. It was VERY boring for me and drawn out. I feel that both characters had potential. but Jill was hard to sympathize with. yes I understand she lost her father. but to treat the world around her like she did pissed me off. She took being a bitchy teen to a whole different level. I understand its hard losing a parent but I dunno she was very hard to like. I made no connection at all.

Mandy. Boy I liked Mandy even less than Jill. Mandy buggged me. she was creepy. she was disturbed. she has issues. I didnt like how she got everything handed to her without having to work for a damn thing. She was whiny. annoying. and very into herself. just not likeable.

Now for the writing. There was no way of telling the characters apart. neither had their own voices. if it wasnt for the different font of each girl I would have NEVER told them apart. Yes the girls had very different personalities but their voices were the same.

I like the story line. I think it had a lot of potential. when I read reviews I thought I was finding a treasure of a book.

I will not give up on Sara Zarr as I have been told to check her out by numerous people, this one book just wasnt my cup of tea. I had no connection to it.