Endless - Amanda Gray
Amanda Gray

The cover of this book is stunning! I was drawn in by the cover art alone. let me say, I believe YA novels have some of the BEST covers.

This story is a beautiful one. There is love and tragedy it really moves you in a special way. I am A romance reader. usually contemporary romance. I have never read a romance novel that has moved me more. It is soul deep.

I enjoyed the buildup of this novel. lots of details giving us a great introduction to chatacters without being overly descriptive. All the characters were well liked and well developed! Kudos on that.

The mystery and build up of what is going on with Jenny is wonderful especially when everything comes together.. def not what I was expecting. and I had tons of theories. This novel really blew my mind. I told my husband I was so sad it was over. I just yearned for more from Nikolai and jenny.

I really thought there was going to be a dumb love triangle, and I want to thank the Authors for not doing that to me! That would have been too much for me. I love the Russian period and would have liked to known more, but it wasn't what the bool was actually about so it wasn't too big of a disappointment.

I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I know this is a novel I will read time and time again!