The Snow Queen - Alana Albertson
The Snow Queen
Alana Albertson
Ebook from Netgalley

The cover of this book grabbed my attention Immediately! Absolutely stunning!

The only thing I don't like about this novella is that it is so short. I feel the author could have explored so much more with this. and I could have gone with a stronger ending! I really hope this was a novella introducing a series or a novel because the author left it open for that!

I loveee the ballet I dont know the terminology but it wasnt anything that ruined the book for me. I find the way a ballerina flows and dances is gorgeous and as I read the book it was like I was there. I didnt find anything too confusing.

This book has unrealistic aspects to it I understand that, but so are my vampire and werewolf novels so it wasnt too much of a shocker for me. I rather like the mystery and although there were clues of what was happening I totally didnt expect it!

I didnt expect to like the novella especially after reading reviews, but I am glad I went ahead with it. Very interesting and unique!
I am def checking out more from this author