Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child
Never Go Back (Reacher #18)
Lee Child ☆★☆★

I won an advance copy from goodreads first reads.

WOW! First Reacher novel Ever and certainly will not be my last.
Lee Child did a great job with making it a stand alone novel, but sometimes throughout the book I thought it would have been a little more helpful to read the past books and have a back story. But with that said I was still able to follow on and enjoy this novel.

In this novel Jack Reacher goes to Virginia to Meet Major Susan Turner who had intrigued him only to find out she was not commanding officer anymore.

From there it just gets nutsss
Reacher is the hunted in this book and from what Ive read that was not his usual position. Reacher does everything with such cool calmness (thanka to his military training) I know sometimes he had my heart pounding.

This book was so much fun for me, fast paced, left me on the edge of my seat! And Even a little steamy action added

I would definitely recommend