Severed: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow - Dax Varley
Severed: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow
Dax Varley
E-book 256

I recieved this as An ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

This is a story based in the 1700's told From Katrina's POV. It is a YA romance based on the tale of the legend headless horseman in sleepy hollow.

Other than the spoilt/bitchy Elise (every book has gotta have on of these right) I would have never guessed this was a YA book. The characters acted much wiser and more mature. It wasnt full of whiny childish characters and I loved it. The characters were all well developed and wonderfully descripted.

We do have a slight love triangle that isnt really a love triangle because Katrina was never interested in Broms character. This is your typical YA romance (a bit unhealthy in my eyes) where the heroine will give up everything to be with this person. Love at first sight. willing to put everyone around her in danger. willing to ruin friendship kinda relationship. you get where im going with it. But none the less it didnt take away from the story.

Katrina is a badass heroine like flippin awesome not your typical 1700's gal! I wouldnt have paired her with ichabod crane. He was a weak male hero in my eyes (I was secretly rooting for Brom) Katrina had put herself in danger for him countless times. I honestly felt Katrina was our hero and ichabod our heroine.

Seeing that this is about the Headless horseman you do understand there will be a paranormal aspect to this book and I like it! I thought it was truely wonderful. It wasnt so unrealistic that I was like oh "this is stupid" it was the unrealistic where you could be like "hmm I could see that happening" ! I absolutely loved the ending and the twist of it all! it was so unexpected I was suprised. I just would have NEVER GUESSED that thats what was happening.

My only problem is with the way the book ended. It ended with a question. Which leads me to believe hopefully there will be a follow up to answer some of the questions I had through out the book. Like why was she having such vivid dreams about this horseman? Why did it seem he was drawn to her?

This is a slow book, it isnt a fast book packed full of action. So if your not into the slow moving story then this book wouldn't be for you. I am not usually into slow paced novels but it was such an interesting topic that it held my attention.

I would also like to add this is my First experience with the legend of sleepy hollow. I have heard of the headless horseman but thats about it.