Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones

4.5 stars♥♥♥♥♥

I want to start by saying, I did not in ANWAY expect to like this book. I read too many reviews that put me off. But, ooohhh my goodness look at that sexy man up there I so kindly posted for you! He is all I could see while reading this novel and I loved every minute of being in my head with him!
Amy Benson is deeply troubled. Tragedy struck at the age of 18 when she was known as Lara. Her life is in danger, she is on the run, and given a whole new identification. The sucky part?!?! She doesn't understand any of it. She can't remember anything that happened and has no idea who or what wants her. The biggest question is, do they want her dead or a live???? 
Fast forward six years Amy is living her life normal or at least as normal as someone can in her position. She works for a musuem amd is at an event when her life is about to once again be turned upside down
She enters the bathroom and finds an envelope with her name on it. She is told shes been found and must flee to Denver!!!
At the airport is when we meet the sexy and wonderful hunk of a man, Liam! They have this instant connection that is so electrifying that even I felt it in the pits of my stomach!
This is a New Adult novel so of course we have some super intense love scenes! Most new adults I have read are more erotic so reading this book was a relief for me. The scenes were sensual and passionate and very tastefully developed. Another thing I like is the sex didnt take over the story in this novel. I have been having that problem with a lot of new adults lately. I hate how the sex takes over the story. Lisa Renee Jones has the perfect balance in this book. 
I usually despise heros like Liam, he is rich, powerful, and demamding. But in the case of Amy and her safety, I totally understand and am a little envious of the protection she has. I mean this man would do anything to make her safe, how is that not sexy?!?! 
Now Amy did piss me off a time or two. I wanted to slap her a few times. I got tired of her repeatedly going back and forth with trusting Liam, that is a biased opinion because I love the man! But really how many times she repeats herself gets annoying. I understand that Liam is put in danger because of your decisions I dont need to be reminded every 5 min. 
Otherwise this book was Perfect!
Oh and if you read this novel I promise you will never look at the PI symbol the same (warning: will cause your stomach to do somersaults)