Come Home to Me - Brenda Novak
OMGGGG!!!! ♥
Review to come, have to get my emotions and feelings in order :)

I recieved this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

This book here! Brenda Novak you never cease to amaze me! If you are as big of a fan of Whiskey Creek as I am, you have been anticipating Aaron and Presley's story as much as I have (im still waiting for Eves and Rileys too, but Presleys if you know her past is a big deal)

The only con and My biggest complaint is I missed the old Characters, Callie, Bax, Noah, Eve and all the others, but I understand Presley wasn't part of the close nit circle so I totally understand :)

where do I begin without spoilers?!?!
Gosh could Aaron get any smexier??? Oh gosh I craved him just as bad as Presley did. He totally changed, they both did and for that I am so proud of them! Presley was a whole new person and while I loved how she matured, I kinda feel like she lost a bit of herself and got a little tooo serious, she was always wanting to be someone else and It made me sad because she is already such a wonderful person who just made some bad choices.

We get to see a lot from Chey amd Dylan which I love! Chey is such a little sweetheart. but in this novel we get to see inside her marriage and some of their struggles they are having. totally real stuff and its raw!

I love Riley we usually dont get too much from him, but in this book he definitely gets a lot of airtime! He made me laugh, I swear my husband looked at me like I was crazy a few times.

OHHHHH and the Amos boys get some shocking new from their dad (hes in prison). I cannot wait to see how this all pans out in the next book!
I have so many theories of what going to happen with everyone the anticipation is already killin me!

I really enjoyed this book and I want to thank the author for providing me with a copy :)