Summerland - Elin Hilderbrand
Summerland - luckily I was given a free copy by my bookstore to try out. I'm glad I did not spend money

First let me start off by saying the title and the cover are totally misleading. I thought this book was going to be a nice light beachy read with just a hint of drama. Nope this book was Depressing. If I were on the beach I wouldnt want to read this. I want something light and fun.

This whole book was a pile of depression for me. It didnt get fun or progress well at all.

Too many POV. I didnt identify with the characters. None had their own voice. I was constantly flipping back seeing who I was Reading about. I didnt connect with a single one. And I def. did not connect with the book or the tragedy. I should feel sad and emotional. I felt bored and like the story was drug on.

Demeter. I just couldnt stand her. I didnt like her ONE bit. she was annoying. spoiled. I got so tired of her I only skimmed her sections.

This is my second Elin Hildebrand book. and like the first I just dont understand all the hype. But I am going to try One more book by her.