Beware of the Therapist: How His Lust for My Suicidal Wife Destroyed Our Family and What I Did to Ensure He Could Never Hurt Anyone Again - Jeff Brandt
Beware of the therapist
Jeff Brandt

I got this book in the firstfreads giveaway.

Omg! First let me say When I jad entered to win this book I was already VERY intrigued, so then I went to my kindle app on my phone and downloaded a sample. By then I just knew I HAD to read this book.

I felt ugh I cant even explain the emotions. I felt so terrible for Jeff. He met and married Gini thinking he was getting this great woman, not to say she didnt sound great but a lot of things werent put out there in the open. Then he goes on to help her raise her children, forms a bond with them. And Then BOOM. Im not givong anything away :)
I felt so many emtotions throught this book. I cried a few times just feeling so bad for the author and what he was dealing with.
I HAVE NEVER in my adult life read non fiction, but im def. glad I read this book.

If your looking for a nice quick read that is emotionally charged I recommend it!