Beaches: A Novel - Iris R. Dart

This book is women's fiction, yet it is different than any women's fiction I have read.

Its so weird yet so refreshing :) the girls met when they were younger and somehow after that day they became inseparable, even living away from each other in which case they kept in contact through letters. I really enjoyed reading their letters to one an other. I felt so connected to them as well.

You couldn't find two completely different characters. Bert was classy and sophisticated where Cee was loud and Colorful :) yet somehow they balanced each other out. I could honestly hear Bette Midler speaking while reading Cee's character. It was great. I hadn't even seen the movie when I cast Bette Midler as Cee

I had many emotional times where I cried some where I laughed out loud and others where the only way to describe it is SHOCKED!
I am glad I haven't seen the movie yet and I got to read the book first, but I will be seeing the movie soon!

def a nice quick summer read.