Just One Kiss  (Fool's Gold #10) - Susan Mallery
Just One Kiss ( fool's gold book 10)
Susan Mallery

Ugh, my gosh Justice. GORGEOUS. I have a friend in the same kind of work that Justice was in (bodyguard) I wont lie he is very good looking and he just reminded of Justice so much that it made the book that much sweeter :)

This bool in the series has to be by far my favorite. I loved the back story, I loved still hearing about old characters, Mayor marsha still able to find anything out. I loved the New Characters Felicia, Isabel, and Noelle. The story was great ( it was somewhat predictable I had a feeling of how things were going to play out, but it was still fun)

My biggest Con was, I didnt like their names. seriously. at the beginning of the book I kept getting mixed up with who was patience and who was justice. The names are nice but both those names in the same book was hard for me.

gosh I want to give a more in depth review but I would spoil everything. This is a great addition to the Town of Fools Gold! I cannot wait for Gideon and Felicias story