The Look of Love - Bella Andre
The Look Of Love
Bella Andre

This is book one In the Sullivan series. We follow Chase who is a professional photographer.

After his mothers 70th birthday bash he is on his way out to his brothers vineyard when he sees a woman walking and her car in a ditch.
For some reason he felt very protective of her that point on.
He basically offered her sanctuary for the night. Got to know her and ended up not wanting her to leave.

It turns out that chloe was on the run from her Ex husband who had found her and punched her. She was very relunctant to Trust Chase much less go to the Vineyard with him. (he basically took her there against her wishes.. hmmmm)

I liked this book. The romance was sweet. The hero/heroine were likeable. I liked their chemistry. And I found myself laughing a lot through out the book.

my dislikes were the amount of sex scenes. It seemed that once they were intimate that seemed to be all they were doing. Seriously? Id start feeling used after a while. I disliked that we werent introduced to anyone else from the sullivan clan besides for Marcus. I didnt like how Chloe didnt have to deal with her "problem" till the VERY end of the book.

Otherwise I liked this book abd would def recommend it