Clean Slate - Holley Trent

Clean Slate
Holly Trent

I recieved this book from Library thing member give away in exchange for an honest review. I was under no obligation to actually review this novel, but OMG I couldnt resist!

First off let me start by saying, WOW! Totally not what I expected. Yes in a very good way :) I am actually going to go back and get thr first two books in the series!
The book was put together well,
the meeting of the characters made you feel like you were actually meeting friends. great descriptions without being repetitive!

I have been under a lot of stress my children sick, it just seemed like one bad thing after another. Then I opened this book and it just took me somewhere else. I havent felt that in a VERY long time. It was just a really good feel good romance.

The characters all very likeable and your able to relate to them. My biggest con is I felt the ending was a little rushed but the rest of the book totally makes up for that!

Def a book I will be recommending to friends!