Broken Beauty - Lizzy Ford, Chloe Adams

Broken Beauty
Chloe Adams

I recieved this novella from netgalley
in return for an honest review

This is a very sad and tragic novel. It does have to deal with the sensitive issue of rape. If that is something that scares you or just don't want to read about then I wouldn't read this novella.

This book is about Mia who is tragically our rape victim. Her father is a politician which basically means she is rich and very well known. As for her dad I wamt to punch him in every svene he is in. I want to say I don't believe things would really roll out the way they did in this story, but sadly I don't know if that is true.

Her father seemed to worry about his image than what happened to his own daughter. My heart hurt for Mia through out the entire book. it felt as though she had no one.

I don't know how to go about writting this review. the book was good. the topic very sensitive, but the author did an excellent job with it. I think maybe my biggest complaint is the cliffhanger. I also don't like her dad one bit I really wish Mia had someone and I would have liked that person being her dad. Thats his little girl and she is hurt and in need. But I also know that was the role he played in this novel.

I don't honestly know if I will read the next novella, not because I didnt like it. I really did. I love how this didnt end with " and they live happily ever after" it all seems so real. the author made this all realistic maybe for me it was all too realistic. its just a topic I prefer not to read about because of the mood it put me in