Elevator Heat - B.D. Rowe
Elevator Heat
B.D. Rowe
2 stars
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OMG, where do I begin???
I am all for new adult books, but just because it is new adult doesn't mean every other word needs to be F**k in some shape or form. I am not one of those people who shun cussing. The cussing just seemed like fillers when the author didnt know any other word to use. Def wasnt needed SO much. The character is 20 not 16. I seriously thought I was reading about a 16 yr. old most of the time. The heroine is def. annoying enough I wanted to punch her!

Early in the book we see Daniella getting mad at the construction workers because they have a job to do and they start early. she is yelling at them telling them she will shoot them. seriously??? Thats how an immature person speaks. Maddie is talking to herself in her head saying she wants to kill them. Seriously??? Way too dramatic for me and just not necessary. This whole book is awkward and filled with juvenille talk.

Maddie was SO unlikeable. Like unbearably unlikeable. She was rude and overreacted and just not what I was hoping for from a 20 yr. old who lived on her own and was an intern trying to make her way up. There is a scene when they are caught in an elevator (they being her and her crush Colin) and she is just downright mean to him and yells at him. Seriously?!?!?!?! Not the way to impress the guy you like. I just didn't go on any further. Was not impressed at all.

I didn't like how the book jumped between them but still in 3rd person at times sometimes in first person. I am also big on editing, and this book had A lot of errors.

I don't recommend but again that is my opinion alone.