The Summer I Found You - Jolene Perry

2.5 ★☆
The Summer I Found You
Jolene Perry
Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I think this is a good Ya novel. Could use a few revisions, editing being a major one. This is an ARC copy so I hope the Author is going to fix the editing issues. Grammar, punctuation, run ons, and so forth. The biggest editing issue I saw was with the Heros name Aidan/Aiden. Yes that editing error bugged me more than anything. He is our hero the main guy the author/editor should know how to spell his name of all people...

I didn't dislike the novel I just felt it to be very vague and superficial, but then again I remember this a YA novel. I think im more jsut saying this book didnt have depth that I was looking for and I can see that it being a ya novel thats a little more ok because they are meant to be fun and breezy hmm more of a light read. (I think I requested this in the NA section but im just going to say they had a filing issue and its YA.) If this was a NA novel I def would have expected the author to explore deeper into both of the characters experiences. I yearned for more information on Aiden/Aidens experiences overseas. I felt the author really stayed on surface with this topic.

I Also REALLY wish the author would have gone deeper with the juvenile Diabetes as well. Especially since more and more children and teens are being diagnosed with this disease. I felt this book hit some major ballsy topics but again it only skimmed the surface and I am not satisfied with that.

I like many others do not understand the title of this novel. It doesnt work with the book. Neither does this cover art. I was expecting amazing summer things from the cover/title. Again I think for a young reader this book is good, but it is not for me!