The Moth in the Mirror - A.G. Howard

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This is the sequel to splintered. It is a 40 page Novella and I definitely encourage you to read it!
In this we get to see into Jeb's deepest thoughts while in the Rabbit hole. It is told in 3rd person and is all very interesting.
First how we get to Jeb's most interpersonal thoughts?!? Through Morpheus of course. We find him plotting on how to get Alyssa to be his. To do so Morpheus decides he will go back to Jeb's forgotten memories in the rabbit hole to find his weaknesses what made him vulnerable etc.
Unfortunately for Morpheus he saw how much this mere mortal really loved his Alyssa. At that point we REALLY get to see a different side of Morpheus. VULNERABLE! And let me say its such a good look on him :)
For being a short story I really enjoyed it. I liked getting to see things from Jeb's point of view and a different side of Morpheus.